13 June 2010

...Celestial, Empyrean, Transcendental...

So.......! Here's how my mind works... A few weeks ago, the winner of my facebook competition Annabelle Loi came up with these delightful three words of inspiration:
Beautiful, evocative words that paint such a picture in my mind...  Here's how I get from a word to creating a piece........bear with me here - I'm just going to write how it goes for me - just *my* own personal interpretation based-up my intimate association with these words...

The first thing that comes to mind is movement - stars across a dark, midnight blue sky. A starlit journey. A mix of dark and light. Chiaroscuro. Sparkling, shimmering yet subtle and enigmatic.  Each word, to me, is both feminine and powerful.  Powerful does not have to be 'in your face' bold.  In this instance, the words conjure up a delicate female beauty in neutrals, perhaps interlaced with subtle blues.

'Movement' - how to create in a piece of jewellery?  'Journey' - fluid, organic form taking the eye from a to b... 'Midnight' blue.....iolite.  'Starlit'.......dotted sparkling gems along the pathway.  'Delicate and feminine' - soft, curling, meandering, circle, cluster.  The colors....white, black, greys, blue....... (chatoyant moonstone / white topaz / labradorite / opal / iolite / spinel / moss amethyst).  Oxidized silver for the most magical effect of course... Here's how this looked in my sketch book (you'll see my sketches are usually *just for me*!): 

Plan in place and with my head spinning with creativity I begin............... Silver, gemstones, torch, hammer, and a few hours of concentration (whilst listening to His Dark Materials) later - the Earrings are ready to drop into the alchemic potion that is LOS!   Well:  Here they are!  Annabelle - I hope you adore them - I hope they meet the picture you painted for me?  And - *thank you* so, so much for giving me such a well of inspiration. xxx

But....... running on adrenalin that I currently am, my brain doesn't know when to stop and journeys off into poet form and expands this imagery into a moonlit love-story, which I'd love to share...Obviously the title a play on a famous Shakespearean quote:
~Well Met by Moonlight~
Celestial bodies of glistening light
A bright supernova salutes the dark night
And far, far away in a thought and a dream
A soul grasps it's twin in a shimmering beam
A moondance
A sundance
Transcending dimension
Soft touches
Deep glances
Empyrean ascension
And there on a mountain of tourmaline green
Two spirits meet in a moment unseen.

So... that's me done. Three words - three amazing words and that's what happens.  ~Emily~ xx