17 May 2010

...the alchemy of art...

I've had this blog in mind for a long, long time... Somewhere to begin my ramblings on life, art, passion.  Last night I had a gentle kick up the backside in the form of a conversation with someone who I find beautifully inspiring, eloquent and soulful.  Waking up feeling poetic and grounded at the same time.......I realized I wanted to begin capturing my meandering thoughts on my work, my loves and my life....

As a jewelry artist, people are always asking me how I maintain my inspiration and creativity.  I realized last night it's down, purely, to being able to seek beauty in all it's forms - from the almost insignificant to the downright earth-shattering.  Having a clear and open mind helps enormously and, when my mind is troubled or chaotic, the creativity flows far, far slower. Simply noticing interaction between your own senses and the facets of life that move them is enough for ideas to be born. This 'alchemy' is what I realized to be, stripped down to words, the process of my creativity.  Soaking-up life's bewitching essence and using my medium of gemstones and metal to create pieces that express this magic. ~E~


  1. "Soaking-up life's bewitching essence" = inspired and priceless.

  2. It`s magic indeed! BB xx

  3. ooh, love your blog! it is truly magical! love this image from "romeo and juliet" as well and love your jewelry!