24 May 2010

...the madness of may...

The Sun was there
The birds were there
and He was there
and She was there
And over fields
and streams of light
They danced their dance
'til day was night.
As night was dark
The stars their guide
Lit up their skin
which swayed and sighed.
Enraptured, consumed
Sublimely One
They coiled together
'til Morning Sun


  1. Emily. I assume this is by your own fair hand and mind.It is very in the spirit of the Chagall painting and I think quite magical. Beautifully done as is all your work.Sam

  2. Sam - hi. Thanks ever so much for that! I'm so pleased that someone likes it, apart from me! Emily

  3. This poem is very sweet! (and not sweet as in cute, but as in unassuming and joyous!) The painting makes me a little sad though - it's as though the man is grounding the woman, and keeping her from truly flying. I can relate at the moment - supporting my husband and kids is full time, and though I try not to resent the role I am playing, I yearn for more...keep the posts coming Emily! xo

  4. Hi Nat... I guess you mean sweet as in 'naive'? That was my intention entirely..... This painting I find lovely and awkward at the same time. I find all Chagall's work awkward but enthralling. I hear what you're saying about the imagery here - (believe me I do!!!), but I like to see this picture as the man helping the girl to fly..... xx

  5. I love Chagall. I share his birthday the 7th July what an honour. His paintings are so full of love! Andrea Birch-Machin

  6. oh - and THANK YOU for getting what I was trying to do!!! I love that! ;D

  7. hi Andrea - that's so special... ;D
    ~E~ x

  8. Emily, I see that your talents lie not only in creating magical jewels, but also in enchanting poetry! I love your poem, it is ever-so-sweet...Chagall's painting is a perfect backdrop too ♥

    I'm thrilled to see that you now have a blog! I can't wait to see what you produce next :-)

    Belinda -xo-

  9. Hi Belinda - lovely to meet you! ;D
    I'm delighted you love my poem! Considering I published it in a 'what the hell' moment, not expecting any kind of response to it, I'm so excited that it is resonating with some (obviously *very* special people!) Thank you so much - it's lovely you wrote! xx